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Buying Neopoints With My Dad

I always dream of owning a pet when I was still a kid. But for the reason that my mom would not allow us to have a pet, I didn?t have the chance to own one. Owning a pet particularly a cat or a dog is very hassle according to my mother. According to her, pets needs to be feed which makes it an extra task for her. My father would approve our idea of owning a pet, but my mother always disapproves it. My mom was extremely angry with me when one time I carried a goldfish on my way back home.

Since, I cannot have a pet, I decided to consider pets from the virtual world. When I was in highschool, I have heard about the game Neopets. In this game, a person needs to create an account first and then an only one of its kind virtual pet. In this game, you can customize your pet and play different kind of games with it. And with the help of in-game currency, my pet can own new stuffs.

However, if you want to buy lots of stuff, you will need a lot of Neopoints. It was actually hard for me to purchase Neopoints because I was still a highschool student. I would ask my father to use his card just to buy me Neopoints. I?m saving my pocket money so that I?ll be able to pay my dad. Being a frontman is what I am doing with my dad. We acquired the points from here: http://www.buyneopoints.me.

Neopets still captivates me even though I?m already in college level. I?m still doing the same thing asking my father to be the frontman in purchasing Neopoints and return what I borrowed. I only stopped in asking my father to be my frontman in buying Neopoints when I already have my own PayPal account.

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